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Take a look to our meeting points and book your Free Walk in Venice



Take a look to our meeting points and book your Free Walk in Venice
CAMPO S. Barnaba
Campo S.Barnaba
Campo S. Polo
Campo S.Polo
CAMPO S. Geremia
Campo S.Geremia

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Welcome to Free Walk in Venice!

Our team provide free tours fro 2014 to show our real hidden Venice from a local point of view to travellers and Venice lovers, to meet people coming from all different parts of the world and share experiences. We have been awarded of the certificate of excellence by Tripadvisor and we are family friendly too!

Read more about our several tours, follow us on FB or Instagram and make our reservation.

We have collected the most interesting and unexpected secrets of Venice and its legends to let you understand the lifestyle and the  symbols of Venice. Feel free to contact us to know more about us, to learn more about walks in other languages (French, Spanish, Italian), or for any other question or request. We’ll do our best to became your friends in Venice and the best souvenir of your trip to Italy